DIY Framed Triangle Patchwork

These days I was invited to the school where I work to see the wonderful things the pupils made with their own hands. Origami figurines, bracelets, earrings, artisan objects and many more were just a part of their collection. This collection is meant to bring pupils a lot of personal satisfaction, admiration from everybody who can see their work, appreciation and some money in case they manage to sell some of these objects to a special fair.

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If you want an interesting idea for your own collection or an easy way to decorate your room you can inspire yourself from the following DIY project. Triangle is the basic idea for this type of project which refers to the way you can get a personalized DIY Framed Triangle Patchwork. It is an easy and cheap DIY project which you can make it at home and even use some recycled materials. You may choose the colors that you want for your triangles and use your imagination for all kinds of combination of nuances you can use and different patterns you can make.

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You need some pieces of fabric of various colors and of medium weight, a rotary cutter, a straight edge and cutting mat or you may replace all these with a pencil, a straight edge and scissors. Then you will also need some straight pins, a sewing machine or needle and thread and an iron and ironing board. Now you are ready to start working and make your own DIY Framed Triangle Patchwork.{found on brettbara}.