Cute DIY Deer Head Projects Inspired By Forest Creatures

Humans are programmed to find cuteness in just about anything and who can blame them? Have you ever seen how cute deers or foxes or bunnies are with those lovely faces and fluffy coats and tails? No wonder we want to put them in our homes so we can look at them all day long. Of course, we’re only talking about things like an accent pillow or a wall ornament inspired by these creatures of the forest and not about anything that can endanger them.

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So let’s see how you can make a deer-inspired pillow for your living room couch. It’s not that difficult actually. Take a piece of fabric and, after you’ve downloaded and printed the deer head pattern, trace around it and cut out the shape. Then place it on wonder-under film and iron it to make it stick. Peel off the paper and adhere the deer to the pillow case. Stitch around it and you’re done.{found on sewhomegrown}.

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Since deer are somehow related to reindeer, a deer head ornament could look lovely in the Christmas tree. So let’s see how you can make one or, actually, how you can customize one. The first step is crucial and involves you finding some 3D deer head ornaments or toys. You’ll also need some unfinished plaque ornaments, some wood stain and a hot glue gun. So basically you just stain the plaque and then you glue the deer head on. {found on cherishedbliss}.

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For the Christmas tree, another lovely idea for a DIY project can be found on cutesycrafts. To make them, you need some felt which can be in any color you want, ribbon and embroidery floss. Both the deer and the fox look really cute and the shapes are quite simple to cut out.

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Want a deer trophy on your wall? Make one. Check out lizmarieblog for instructions on how to give it a cute look. You’ll need a pair of antlers, some wood, a staple gun, fabric (you can use burlap and faux fur), black felt, stuffing and a hot glue gun. The sewing part is the most difficult but if you follow all the instructions this shouldn’t be a problem.

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There are several different ways to craft a trophy for your wall. So if, for example, you prefer something a bit more quirky, colorful and ornate, have a look at the tutorial featured on craftandcreativity. It all starts with a paper mache deer head which you then decorate with patterned fabric.

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Of course, a much simpler version can also look interesting and chic. White seems like a perfect color in this case so make sure you have plenty of white spray paint. You’ll also need a deer head which can either be a paper mache one or some other version. Apply light coats of paint until you get the desired look. {found on hawthorneandmain}.

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It’s also interesting to try something a bit more symbolic and playful such as a 3-D fuse bead deer ornament. The project is described in detail on cbc and the supplies required for it include fuse beads or Hama beads in several different colors (brown, dark brown, peach and black), peg boards, an iron, parchment paper, a hot glue gun and a pipe cleaner or ribbon.

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Instead of a deer head trophy an alternative can be to display a fabric stag head. The project is not exactly simple but not overly complicated either. First you need to download a stag pattern. You’ll also need stuffing, fabric and a sewing machine. You can find a detailed tutorial for this project on pillarboxblue.

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And then there’s also another option for those that either don’t have the necessary time for a very detailed project or simply prefer something very simple and symbolic. Basically, instead of a deer head trophy you just make two antlers out of tree branches and you attach them to a piece of wood. It doesn’t really get any simpler than that. {found on historiasdecasa}

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If you want to display a rustic decoration on one of the walls in your home, the design featured on kiwiandpeach seems to be a wonderful option. Using some scrap wood boards, some wood stain, acrylic paint, a few screws and a stag template you can make a lovely decoration which can be customized in a lot of cute and fun ways.

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You can use this theme for a lot of other projects as well. For example, how about some deer-inspired napkin rings? They’ll definitely look lovely regardless of the occasion. Give them a fancy look with a little bit of golden glitter. The project is featured on oleanderandpalm so be sure to check it out to find out more about this cute idea.

Christmas Deer Head PrintableView in gallery

We’ll finish this article with another Christmas project. It’s a chalkboard decoration which you can display in front of your home and near your entryway door for everyone to see and enjoy. You could also mount it on a wall inside the house if you want. The idea comes from pastelsandmacarons.