Decorate Your Empty Walls with a DIY Enlarged Photo Art

We live in an era when computer seems an indispensable tool for us. We work on computer, we play on computer, we talk on computer, we listen to music to our computer and we can do so many other things using such a useful, practical and nice tool. Computer makes all our activities easier and definitely more pleasant, so that hours fly away so quickly on you are on your computer.I am not an expert in computers but I love to use computer, especially when I want to do some personalized things, like special diplomas, photos or interesting presentations.

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If you also love working on computer, here it is a nice DIY project that will help you create wonderful DIY enlarged photo arts for your empty walls or maybe a special gift for someone that you love.All you need to do is to choose a special photo that will suffer some modifications on your computer. It will become a little bit blurred and then will be enlarged. The next step is to divide your picture into several sections that each of them will be copied, saved and printed.

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A large piece of foam core, a pencil, some pins, an exacto knife, a frame are just some of the materials that you will use to create your enlarged photo art. It is a nice DIY project as the image that you choose may remind you of a nice experience or will contribute to a certain style that you will adopt to decorate your house.{found on