Colorful May Day DIY gift basket

May Day is finally here again. One again, it’s time to celebrate spring. It’s also the day when we should try to be kind to our neighbors and when maypoles and leaving gift baskets are customary. This tradition might not be very popular these days, but it gives you one more reason to be nice and to try to do something lovely for your friends and neighbors.

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This is a project that will show how to make lovely decorations for your flower and jam gifts. It’s a simple DIY project. The materials that you’ll need are 2 small mason jars, 1 spool of dyed multicolor yarn, 1 spool of solid yarn, a 2’’ cardstock circle, 1 adhesive label, a basket and a hot glue gun. Start by taking the loose end of the yarn. Attach it to the top of the jar and apply a tiny drop of hot glue. After that, simply start wrapping the yarn as tightly as you can. It’s very simple but it might take you a while.

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Since you’ll be using multicolored yarn, it will also be fun to see how the colors mix. You can either wrap the whole jar or just a part. When you reach the desired stopping point, use another drop of hot glue to secure the yarn in place. You can use the same technique for flower pots or vases. When you’re done you can also write a nice message on the label. Put your flower bouquet and jam jar into a wicker basket and you have a traditional May Day gift for your friend or neighbor.The full project can be found on camillestyles.