7 DIY Planters Infused With Autumnal Beauty

Plants and vegetation in general start to die or to get ready for hibernation as soon as autumn makes its presence noticeable. Thankfully, this doesn’t apply to all flora. Some plants start to bloom during this season and their beautiful colors fill our lives with beauty. In addition, we also have the pumpkins to thank for. They bring us joy and they’ve become an autumnal symbol. That being said, we’re ready to reveal a few great DIY planter designs meant to let us display all that beauty.

Simple planter for fall tableView in gallery

The first project requires a few simple supplies such as a simple planter, a copper panel, some adhesive, clear silicone caulk and, of course, the flowers. This is a sort of makeover project designed to make a planter more suitable for the season.

Concrete cinder block for fallView in gallery

Next we’ll take a look at how you can make a concrete planter. You need cinder blocks, stencils, craft paint, foam brushes, masking tape and a small cup or a mason jar. First of all, take the stencil and tape it to the cinder block. Then select your favorite fall colors and apply paint using the foam brush. You can use two or more colors if you’d like. Take off the stencil and repeat for the other sides. This is a project we found on designimprovised.

Front door pumpkins for fallView in gallery

We mentioned pumpkins and how they can be used in a lot of creative ways. Let’s start with how you can use faux pumpkins to embellish your planters. Start by measuring the base of the flower pot. Trace a circle roughly the same size on the top of the pumpkin. Cut along the line and remove that portion. Place the flower pot inside the pumpkin.{found on iheartnaptime}.

Chalk a pumpkin and create a Halloween fallView in gallery

For this project you can either use faux or real pumpkins. The idea is quite simple and explained nicely on Makinghomebase. The pumpkins are carved out and painted with chalkboard paint. Inside, mums were planted. The great part about the project is that you can customize the planters in numerous ways using chalk.

Concrete pumpkin for HalloweenView in gallery

This pumpkin planter is made of concrete and the idea is simple and ingenious. The most important element is the mold. It would have to be something like a pumpkin-shaped plastic jack o’lantern. Use that as a mold and put inside an old cup or container. Add the concrete mix and weigh down the container with something heavy. Let it dry and then remove the mold and the container. {found on homemadeginger}.

Metalic spray gold pumpkinView in gallery

In need of a centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table? This one is really easy to make. You need a pumpkin, a knife, a spoon, metallic spray paint, a short vase and fresh flowers. Cut an opening in the top of the pumpkin, scoop out the insides with a spoon. Then spray paint the pumpkin and place the vase and flowers inside. More detailed instructions can be found on Vickybarone.

Stacked black and white pumpkinsView in gallery

Pumpkins are a recurrent symbol during the Halloween season. This DIY jack-o-lantern topiary we found on Tatertotsandjello seems like a really great Halloween decoration and, at the same time, looks like an interesting way of decorating an outdoor planter. You need a few lighted pumpkins, a pot, a wood dowel, spray paint, primer and a pot.