5 Fun Paint Swatch DIYs

If I told you how to create something super fun for your house, and it was totally free, would you believe me? With a stack of paint chips (aka: paint samples) found at almost any store that sells paint, you can create a plethora of fun accents, accessories and details to spruce up  your house. So, sit back, scroll through and jot down some of your favorite project ideas to try.

1. Paint Swatch Chandelier.

Punch paper garland heart paint strip

For something cute in the craft room, your home office or even in the nursery, try creating this paint swatch chandelier. It’s a light, flirty look and it gives a bit of pizazz to a modern space. All you need is some type of paper punch to cut out all the shapes. You could even do hearts or butterflies for extra personality.{found on heygorg}.

2. Paint Swatch Flowers.

Punch paper garland heart paint strip

Make some wonderful greeting cards or slap a magnet strip on the back of these cuties to dress the fridge. They’d also be great as place cards to accents for a spring dinner party. And, they’re free! So grab some colors your love and make these adorable little floral bits.

3. Paint Swatch Coffee Table.

Punch paper garland heart paint strip

Give your simple coffee table a much needed upgrade. Punch up the playfulness and color by adding a bit of a fun design under the glass top u sing paint swatches! Create an ombre effect, something monochromatic or a blend of some of your favorite shades. It’s so easy, even novice DIYers can pull this off.{found on atypicaltypea}

4. Paint Swatch Wall Art.

Punch paper garland heart paint strip

You can even create some wall art for any nook or cranny of the house. Something serene with colors of white, gray and blue or something bold and vivacious with every bright color you can grab! Again, you can design it any way you like. From lightest to darkest, ombre … the sky is the limit with the creativity this project can bring you.{found on abeautifulmess}.

5. Paint Swatch Banners.

Punch paper garland heart paint strip

Dress up the holidays or a special celebration in the home, even a simple springtime piece of decor, by creating a banner! Adorn your mantle, banister or even the hutch with a pretty little piece of garland made out of paint swatches you snagged at the local Wal-Mart. Again, all you need is a paper punch to keep the shapes the same size. Circle, flowers, hearts, create any banner for you need for any event you’re having!{found on spearmintbaby}.