Nice DIY Ruffled Christmas Trees

There are only a few weeks till Christmas is coming and everywhere you look more and more Christmas decorations seem to appear at every window. People love to express their joy and happiness that Christmas brings them and try to embellish every corner of their home or store with beautiful wreaths, garlands, Christmas trees and other decorations of this kind.

For those of you would like to add more originality and feel proud of their handmade crafting here it is a interesting DIY project which might help them create something real nice. If you get some cones, some ruffled fabric scraps, two wooden candlesticks, some hot glue, a stripped ribbon and some red and green paint you will be able to create some nice DIY Ruffled Christmas Trees. They will look great on your dinner table or anywhere you would like to put them. Their presence will bring more color to your place and will make you feel closer to the spirit of Christmas.

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View in gallery

With a little of patience and creativity you will enchant all your guests with this ingenious idea which helped to design some beautiful and colorful Ruffled Christmas Trees. Now you must hurry up and create some Ruffled Christmas Trees as Christmas seems to knock at your door in a few weeks!{found on scissorsandspatulas}