How To Decorate With Mirrors

Mirrors are more than just reflective surfaces that help you decide how to put together our outfits in the morning or that we use to get a nice, clean shave. They’re also elements of our interior décor and they can be used as purely aesthetic details.

Make a wall of mirrors to create an artistic effect. Combine mirrors of different shapes and sizes but make sure they share in common something, like the frame for example.

A mirror can be a very useful element for an entryway. Make it both practical and stylish by choosing a frame with an elegant design. It’s all in the details.

Use mirrors to make a space feel larger. The trick is to place large mirrors in strategic spots so they reflect light and space. Look how this mirrors extends underneath the console table. Simple but efficient.

An oversized gilded mirror can be the focal point of a foyer and you can also complement it with a small table and even a few accessories like candles or flowers.

This elegant, double panel mirror is the perfect accessory for the bedroom. Chic yet simple, the mirror reflects the light and creates an interesting visual effect along with the hanging chandelier placed right in front of it.

Use mirrors to give your home office a glamorous look. Mix and match reflective pieces and put them together like a puzzle. A great alternative to the usual artwork.{found on carlycristman}.

The mirror can be a pretty interesting feature by itself if it has a really great frame or shape but you should also pay attention when choosing the accessories to go with it. These stacked suitcases are a lovely match.{found on kevinandamanda}.

Give your mirror a solid frame to make it stand out and display just like you would a painting. The wall behind the living room sofa is a great place, especially if there are large windows on the opposite side of the room.

One way to make mirrors feel less invasive is by choosing a finish that complements the room and its function. For the bedroom, something with a warm tint would be really nice.

Casually lean a large mirror against the wall if you don’t want to through the trouble of mounting it on the wall. This is an especially good idea if the mirror is very large or has a big and heavy frame.