Eclectic Renovation Brings Back Memories In A Milan Apartment

Every house or apartment has its own unique look, shaped by the designer and by those living in it and so every renovation goes into a different direction as well, being influenced by a variety of particular factors. This apartment in Navigly, Milan, is the type of space that feels like home regardless of your style. The renovation of the apartment started in 2014 and the project ended in 2015. Nomade Architecttura Interior, a Milan-base form created in august 2010, was in charge of the transformation. The team wanted to make this an inviting and comfortable environment without relying on cliches.


During the renovation, they focused on exposing the apartment’s original beauty. The wooden beams which were covered previously are now an important element in the design and décor of the living room. But the exposed beams aren’t the only charming things revisited by the architects. In fact, the whole design is a beautifully-balanced mixture of old and new.


The living space is quite small, featuring a comfortable sofa with bluish-gray fabric upholstery and a low console unit holding the TV and the electronics. In between, a rectangular area rug with a traditional print and color palette ties the elements together setting a warm and pleasant atmosphere.


What’s also beautiful and visually-alluring is the overall chromatic palette and the way the neutrals and cool grays and whites combine with mustard yellow, brown and beige accents. In addition, all the furniture features designs focusing on comfort.


A floor lamp stands in a corner featuring a feminine lampshade and radiating warm, subtle light. Complemented by a chic and simple white chair, this duo forms a cute little nook perfect for reading or simply participating at family activities. Facing this nook is an intriguing desk/ table. Serving as a multifunctional piece, it can be used as a bar when entertaining guests, as a workspace or as a display surface for decorations and personal items. Its design is eclectic, including industrial and vintage elements.


From the living space you can see the kitchen which resembles a metal and glass box. By choosing this approach, the architecture firm allowed the kitchen to function as an independent space while also maintaining a connection with the social area through the glass walls.


Blending in with the kitchen walls is the dining area which is actually a part of the social space. The dark finishes, the black chairs and the choice of materials in general allow this function to create a seamless transition between the two separate zones.


The pendant lamp hanging above the dining table is particularly interesting, hovering and creating a mystical aura with its delicate yet bold design.


The interior of the kitchen boosts a black and white combination. The marble counter tops and geometric tiles introduces subtle patterns while the natural wood hanging shelves break the monotony and add a bit of warmth to the room, visually connecting it to the rest of the apartment.


A big contrast becomes apparent between the living area and the bedroom. The private space is a bright and airy room with white walls, breezy white curtains and soothing blue accents in the form of a painted headboard and a quirky corner lamp. A set of chic Componibili nightstand maximize the room’s storage capabilities without going off topic in terms of design and style.


The same simplicity is also displayed in the bathroom. The white bathroom tiles that cover all the walls open up the room while the patterned floor adds character to the space together with the sink vanity, featuring similar characteristics to the living room desk.