Making Your Home Smell Amazing: Ideas & Inspiration

We all want our homes to smell lovely and refreshing. It’s the best feeling in the world to step inside the front door to a burst of lemons or warm and cozy vanilla. But how can you make that happen? How can you make that smell last for a long time? How can you make the house smell amazing for your dinner party? Well, we’ve got some great ideas and inspiration for making your home smell amazing. Allow us to inspire you!

1. Summer Stove-Top Potpourri.

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Try this recipe on for size. Grab a pot and start boiling some water. This is a great way to get your home smelling amazing and welcoming for any dinner guests or friends coming over for a visit. Use canned pineapple and coconut extract for a yummy, refreshing aroma!

2. A Lemon-Scented Vacuum.

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A quick burst of freshy freshness and to keep the house smelling clean, every week empty out the vacuum and put some lemon juice inside! Lemons can be used for so many different cleaning and freshening projects, this being one of the simplest and easiest! Every time you sweep up the carpet, your entire house will smell amazing!

3. Homemade Linen Spray.

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Need to give your sofa, carpets, curtains and all of the other linens throughout the house an extra pick me up? Has it been awhile since you washed them up or do you have some pets that dull the smell of fresh cleaners? Make your own spray to make them all smell amazing! All you need is vodka, vinegar and your favorite scent of essential oil!

4. Crock Pot Deodorizer.

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Trying to get rid of an unnecessary smells throughout the house? Grab your crock pot and fill it up with water and baking soda. Set it on low and wait for the mixture to soak up all the nasty smells. Then go around and spray your favorite scents around the house. Your home will be as good as new!

5. Secret Canisters.

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Grab some small jars or mason jars, fill them with baking soda and essential oils, then set them around the house in every nook and cranny. Before you know it, your home will be smelling amazing. So much so that any guests will think that house is naturally “scented” through the walls. Just be sure to hide the canisters, a jar full of baking soda isn’t the most stylish accent.