Visp Coat Stand

It’s finally a bit warmer and I can’t tell you how happy I am because of this. I am sick and tired of all the winter clothes that take so much of my hallway space because I need to hang them in the coat rack. And if your family is a bit larger you will have a pile of coats that can demolish the strongest rack. So now that it’s spring I can breath again and put the fur coats back in the wardrobe, leaving only the jackets out. And they can be put in a nice and simple rack like this beautifully designed Visp coat stand .

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This is a modern looking coat stand as it is minimalist in design and very simple, yet with a great visual impact. It is colourful and funny and you can have it in the colour that you choose, vivid and daring colours bringing a plus of youth to your hallway and home. The stand is made of lacquered tubular steel and it looks like a curly haired mannequin that lets you hang your jacket, umbrella or hat on it and that only makes it look cooler. The feet are made of plastic in order not to scratch your floor. You can even hang your coat with a hanger, too, as the steel “curls” allow you to. The product is designed by Staffan Holm for Blastation.