How To Decorate With Vintage Accents

It’s easy to appreciate an item or a décor for being vintage but being the one that made those results possible…not so much. Decorating with vintage accents is challenging but it’s also fun. You get to visit thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales trying to find the perfect piece for your home and, once you do, everything falls into place. But what exactly should you be looking for?

A metal bed frame with such a beautiful and intricate design would be a great find. Transform the bed into the focal point of the bedroom and complement it with ruffled bedding and a feminine chandelier to create a harmonious décor.

You can also add a few vintage accents to the nursery room. You can opt for a vintage crib and pair it with a bunch of other matching elements. Keep in mind the style you’ve chosen when decorating the walls and when selecting the color palette.

Decorating with Mason jars is typical in the case of the vintage style. But those clear glass jars we all have in our homes won’t do. You need tinted glass jars and you can actually get that look in a few minutes without having to browse a ton of stores. You need mod podge, food coloring and an oven.{found on fancythatdesignhouse}.

Use a vintage metal basket to store your cookbooks in the kitchen. Keep them organized on the counter and within arm’s reach. Don’t bother getting the rust off the basket. It actually adds character.

Use those old pitchers and vases for something practical. For example, you can store your kitchen utensils in them. Never mind the scratches and chipped paint. That’s part of the vintage flair.

And speaking of vintage pitchers, here’s another lovely idea: turn one into a vase and display it n the nightstand, on the console table or on the mantel.

For the bathroom, you can use vintage drawers to store and organize your toiletries. Keep them visible on the counter and let them show off their timeless beauty.

Another way to add vintage charm to the bathroom is with wire baskets and salvaged wood. You can get a vintage hanger and either repaint it and keep it as such. And be careful when adding the rest of the accent details.

Repurpose an old sewing machine. You can repaint it and turn it into a console table for the entryway or it can become a vanity for the bathroom.

Turn an old trunk into a bench. It’s a great way of repurposing vintage heirlooms and forgotten items that are no longer useful these days.

Or perhaps you’ll like the idea or transforming a vintage suitcase into a vanity. It seems like an odd thing to do but this only makes the project even more original and interesting.