12 Creative Ideas for Tall Wall Decor  

Coming up with tall wall decor ideas can be hard and most people struggle with how to fill these spaces. Yet, these walls can have an enormous impact if used in creative ways.

Tall Wall Decor  

From gallery walls to wallpaper murals, we are going to cover everything you need to know about how to decorate tall walls.

Tall Wall Decor Ideas

There are some gorgeous ideas out there about how to decorate your tall walls in the most effective way. It is important with tall wall decor to think outside the box and employ solutions that you may not use for small wall spaces.

Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are a go-to option for large wall spaces. You can create gallery walls from pictures of different shapes and sizes or you can use large sets of pictures. Both are effective options. If you are working with a blank wall, consider creating a picture gallery that takes up around two-thirds of the wall. This will ensure that your gallery looks correct with the scale of the wall.

Gallery Walls

It is easiest to plant a gallery collection before you hang it. Gather your pieces and then arrange them on a large flat space like the floor. Try different arrangements until you have a collection shape that you like. Take a picture of it, take some measurements, and then hang it on the wall.

Gallery Wall 2
(Jayne Mills)

Weisshouse created this eclectic-style gallery wall for this industrial chic dining room. Don’t feel like you have to create a complete gallery wall at one time. This can be a work in progress that grows with your collection of new wall art.

If you want a more collected look, choose pictures that have the same theme and shape like this Westminster apartment.


Large walls are ideal for tall bookcases. You can accomplish this look by buying free-standing bookcases and arranging them together. Also, you can get a carpenter to build them into the wall for a more custom look. It makes sense that collections of books look amazing on shelves, but they are not the one item that works. Curate other items like sculptures, found objects, record collections, and plants to display. When it comes to bookcases, you can make them look more uniform or eclectic; it is all according to your own taste.

Bookcases for tall walls 1
Zack|de Vito Architecture + Construction

This bookcase design from Zacklde Vito Architecture + Design features a design that is distinct from the wall color. This distinction and the lack of other wall decor creates a definite focal point.

Bookcases for tall walls 2
Andrew Flesher Interiors

These tall wall bookcases from Andrew Flesher Interiors are more integrated into the decor of the room.

Paint Solutions

Painting large portions of your tall walls is a great way to separate your wall in a more defined way. Choose striking geometric designs or split your wall with a horizontal or vertical demarcation. This is a solution that is effective but also cost-effective.

Paint Solutions for tall walls

This gorgeous dining room uses paint and modest-sized wall art to create the distinction needed for these tall dining room walls.


Adding molding, also called millwork, to the wall is a great way to add texture to the wall to give it more visual depth but not add any extra color. This solution works well for classic or historical home styles. It can be fancy or simple according to your taste. Molding is also stunning when you combine it with wall art.


If you are a talented DIYer, this is a great project to try. With some wood molding, tools for measuring, a saw, and a nail gun, you can transform your space with little expense. All your millwork blends in with the walls for the most classic look. Or, paint it a different color for a more contemporary style.

Featured in BHG, this homeowner used simple molding to create a textured grid on this tall wall.

Large Wall Art

Rather than use small pictures to create a gallery wall, choose one large piece of wall art. You can hang it in a vertical or horizontal direction depending on the shape of the wall and the wall art. Choose a very large piece of art to create the best effect. You can buy one large canvas or separate panels that work together to form a large piece. Also, you can use other large pieces like mirrors or architectural pieces like window frames to create the same effect.

Large wall art
Jay Jeffers

This room designed by Jay Jeffers combines the use of a large vertical piece of art with a gallery wall.

Large wall art 2
Anthony Baratta LLC

This design uses just one oversized piece of wall art for the tall and wide wall.


Wallpaper is a good way to give a large wall visual interest and depth. Choose a standard wallpaper to create a uniform look. Or, choose a mural design to create a large focal point. Another way to create the same effect that is more cost-effective than a wallpaper mural is to use a vinyl decal design that you can arrange in different ways.

Wallpaper for tall walls 1
Boca do Lobo

If you choose the wallpaper route, you will be spoiled for choice. You can go with subtle designs that create depth and texture but use minimal color. Or, you can choose something bold and dramatic. There are classic styles of wallpaper design as well as more contemporary designs like geometric patterns with bright colors.

This is a gorgeous use of wallpaper from Boca do Lobo. They utilized a large wallpaper mural to accent this dark and moody bedroom design. No other wall art is needed.

Floating Shelves

Shelves hung on the wall with objects displayed are a great way for decorating tall walls. Hang shelves of various sizes or create a more uniform look with the same sized wall shelves. Use the shelves to create a picture gallery of various-sized wall art. Vary the depth of your wall art and layer small pieces on top of larger pieces to create a more custom look. You can also use the shelves for storage. Store books or display a collection of unique found items.

Floating Shelves
Hudson Street Design

Hudson Street Design creates interest on this tall wall with the combination of a mounted TV and strategic floating shelves.

Anchor Pieces Over Furniture

You don’t have to use the entire wall if you have a tall wall. Instead, if you position furniture on the wall, you can use this furniture to anchor lower pieces. For example, if you position a sofa along your tall wall, anchor a piece of wall art, architectural salvage, or a gallery wall above the sofa. This way, the art will be scaled to the furniture rather than needing to fill the entire wall.

Anchor Pieces Over Furniture
Cynthia Childs, Architect

This bedroom features tall cathedral ceilings. Rather than decorate the entire wall, the designer chose to anchor the wall art to the bed.

Fabric Solutions

Fabric pieces make gorgeous works of art and wonderful decorations for tall walls. Use a tall wall to display a vintage quilt or a collection of panels covered in fabric. If you don’t have large quilt or fabric panels, find long vertical swaths of fabric and hang them from a rod at the top of the wall. This looks effective as a single piece or as part of a group. Remember that rugs are fabric too. If you find a fabric rug that is light enough, feel free to display it as a beautiful work of art.

Fabric Solutions
McInturff Architects

This contemporary living room design from McInturff Architects uses little in the way of wall art besides this stunning hanging fabric panel.

Add Texture

Create texture on a large wall as a way to break up the wall without adding more color. Use faux stone or brick veneer to give the wall a more industrial style. You can also add texture with wallpaper like grasscloth or linen. Remember that you don’t have to create texture on the entire wall. Instead, you can add texture to just part of the wall that might highlight the fireplace or place for the wall mounted television.

Tall wall texture
EBL Construction

In this room, EBL Construction adds smooth textured wood to create interest on this tall wall with an inset television.

Textured wall
Reynaers Aluminium – North America

This is an interesting use of textured elements from Faulkner Architecture. They use both concrete and wood to give the tall walls and ceilings more depth. These textures mitigate the need for anything else on these tall walls.


Don’t be above distraction techniques that take the focus off the need for decor for tall walls. One effective way to do this is through using large chandeliers or tall window draperies to make the large wall seem like it fits the scale of the room.

Distracting room decor
Markalunas Architecture Group

Consider this example from the Markalunas Architecture Group. They used a large chandelier and textured ceiling in this living room to distract the eye and take away the need to decorate the tall living room walls.

Mix Them Up

If you have a very large wall, you may need more than one solution to create the most visual impact. For example, you can use bookcases combined with a textures or paneled wall or use them in combination with a gallery wall. Gallery walls and large wall artwork well with different wallpapers and decorative molding. Also, walls broken up in separate color blocks also work well with wall art.

Mixed decor olutions
Enjoy Home

This is a fun use of different elements to create interest on this tall wall. These designers used a tall vertical mirror with free-hanging shelves and an interesting light fixture to create interest in the space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What are the least expensive high ceiling tall wall decor ideas?

Some of the least expensive ways for decorating tall walls is by using paint to break up the wall, using molding, and fabric. For molding, you don’t have to use expensive molding to create an interesting effect. Just simple molding cut into interesting shapes and then painted creates a wall with interesting depth. For simple fabric decor, cut thin plywood in rectangles or squares and then cover them in fabric to create a gallery of fabric squares.

What makes good tall wall decorations for corners?

The best decor for corners on tall walls to create texture and depth is tall trees or bookcases. If you don’t need depth and texture, you can use a tall vertical mirror or wall art for a corner space.

What can I use for tall wall entry decor?

The best tall wall decor for entryways will create immediate interest. This can include a gallery wall or interesting lighting. This is also a great time to create interest with paint or molding.

Which of the decorating tall walls ideas is the best for bedrooms?

Bedrooms are the ideal space for more restrained decor. Symmetrical wall art works well in a bedroom. If you want something even more minimal, anchor low artwork to the bed so that it can be smaller in scale.

Large and tall walls are wonderful and create striking visual space in any room. Yet, decorating them can be a challenge. You can choose to go big and create a look that is bold and striking. Or, you can try something more subtle like using texture or molding to break up the wall.