How To Use Paint To Add Character To Your Home

A simple way to add interest and character to a space is with paint. Whether you decide to paint an accent wall a different color from the rest of the space, to create a fun pattern, to stencil a wall, to recreate an artistic image or to have fun painting your old furniture, you can be sure your efforts won’t go unnoticed.

Bedroom music room peek a themeView in gallery

Pick a theme and go with it? How about a giant guitar painted on the bedroom wall? This seems like a fun and creative idea for a teenager’s room. Complement the space with the right colors and it will look amazing.

Abstract interior design wall paintingView in gallery

Or perhaps something more abstract would be more suitable. Try a bold wall painting on one of the basement walls and this will instantly change the mood. Since it doesn’t have to be anything specific, you can just experiment with your favorite colors.

Simple ombre walls decorView in gallery

Ombre walls look interesting no matter where you use them. But if you really want your accent wall to stand out, pick a vibrant color. Perhaps red would wok well in that space.

Stencil the walls popularView in gallery

Stencils used to be popular a while ago and now they seem to be back in style. So don’t completely disregard this option. It could turn out to be a wonderful idea.

Diy wall painting home projectView in gallery

If you’re confident in your skills, you can even attempt to make a wall mural. It doesn’t have to be anything too complex or difficult. How about these mountains. It seems like a fun DIY project you can try for your bedroom.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

Attic room wall paintingView in gallery

Of course, other options can be just as interesting. But the more intricate and detailed the design is, the more chances to mess it all up. So perhaps you’d like to opt for wallpaper instead.

Metalic wall paint powder roomView in gallery

To add an industrial touch to a room, you can work with metallic paint. You can create a textured wall or you can use this technique on all the walls. The bathroom seems like a good candidate for such a project.

Shades of metalic paintView in gallery

You can also attempt to create patterns using different shades of metallic paint. However, the pattern should be simple or the effect will become overwhelming. Also, make sure the design complement the style and the function of the room.

Dipped paint dresserView in gallery

If you’d rather not experiment with paint on the walls to risk an unpleasant permanent look, perhaps you can give an old piece of furniture a makeover. You can work with different colors and let the paint drip to create unique patterns.