Ultra Modern Club Octagon in Seoul

Club Octagon is a high tech auditorium, club, lounge and restaurant found at the basement of hotel. The area needed a renovation and the architects from Urbantainer were asked to help with that. This multi-functional space is located in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The project measures a total 2,600 square meters and the project was completed in 2011.Club Octagon is a space for entertainment, socializing and subculture. It has an unusual name but the explanation for that is very simple. Every detail of Club Octagon works with the octagonal form from the corporate identity, including the layout, 4D Media Lighting, modular seating, to even the ice buckets in each of the VIP rooms.

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This space includes the main floor dance floor, the entertainment hall, three bars, an open kitchen, mezzanine private VIP bunkers, a 2nd floor VIP lounge, a 2nd floor 2nd stage lounge, a silent room and women’s powder room.As for the interior design, this so called club shares the same idea as some of the most famous clubs in Europe. It has a simple and industrial interior design. The architects took that look and turned into some personalized and unique. They used limited materials and colors.

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The design is minimalist and features exposed steel beams, an elevator shaft, epoxy cement floors and several other old school elements. Another interesting detail is the fact that Urbantainer designed the entire space, fixtures, and details following the octagonal motif and setting the design guidelines using only 45, 90, and 135 degree angles throughout the entire space.