Trellis Garden design by Arik Levy

Flora is a company, which specializes in production of high-quality, long-lasting garden tools and equipment. The solution proposed by designer Arik Levy has designed this garden trellis design called Comb-ination. Its octagonal forms follow directly from cells of a beehive. In this structure very graphic, just let them grow climbing plants to create a wall of vegetation at home. You could make different creative combinations on your wall from its several pieces and could find the most right one for your outdoor design. Any climbing plant could look cool on such garden trellis.

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People usually like plants and they want to take them inside and take care of them. In exchange, the plants look beautiful and they make the house look fresh and colorful. A lot of people like to have plants and flowers in their homes and they usually find ways of introducing them in all the rooms of the house, trying to find a place for them. Now it’s easier to do that thanks to this beautiful and ingenious design. It’s a structure, shaped like a beehive, actually like a honeycomb, and each little cells allows you to place a plant or flower in there.

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You can create your own indoor garden with this structure. You can forget about all the inconveniences from before, when you couldn’t find a right place for your little plants. Actually there is one condition: only small plants can fit in there. You can mount this structure on the wall. The process is very easy.