The new Denimdenim store interior design

This is the new Denimdenim store located in Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia. It’s a contemporary creation with a very interesting design. It was a project developed by Word of Mouth Architecture. The store covers an area of 60 square meters and it was completed in 2012. Since it’s located on one of Bali’s most exclusive shopping streets, the store had to have an eye-catching design.

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This wasn’t a project created from scratch. The new Denimdenim store actually reuses an already existing structure. The two-storey building was refurbished, restructured and remodeled. The store is part of a chain from the island. This meant there had to be a certain relationship with the other structures.

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However, because of the exclusive location, the client requested a unique design, something with character and personality. The result was a design with elements that reminiscent of the other structures but that are combined in a unique way. The material palette was adopted from the other stores in order to maintain continuity with the brand.

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The new store had strong architectural forms and an overall contemporary look. It resembles two stacked boxes rotated on their axis. This was a strategic choice in order to capture attention from both directions. The boxes have steel frames and they feature a mesh and decorations made from thousands of recycled aluminum cans. These sparking elements create an eye-catching impression and they become even more interesting when seen up close.