The most beautiful brick interior design in Paddington, Sydney

This house is located in Paddington, Sydney. It might look like just an ordinary building from the outside but inside it hides many beautiful details. The house has three levels and it has been recently redesigned. It was transformed from a modest-looking structure into a luxurious inner city pad. Inside you can see the results of this major transformation.

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The house is full of contrasts. We have here a series of rough brick walls complemented by delicate textures, velvet, leather and silk surfaces along with many stylish decorations. The exposed brick walls are an interesting accent feature. They don’t really have anything in common with the rest of the décor but they do bring a unique flavor into the mix. They beautifully complement that wonderful staircase. The way it stands out against the wall is marvelous.

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These contrasts of texture can also be found in other areas of the house. For example, in the kitchen we have marble that is combined with polished concrete. These rough elements bring a rustic and also industrial touch to the whole décor. The glass and steel staircase does the same thing but in a more delicate and subtle manner. As for the furniture throughout the house, it’s a mix of classical and modern. The color palette includes tones of brown, grey and, of course, black and white. There are also a series of accent pieces that feature brighter and more dynamic colors.