The Amazing Candy Store

Candy comes in different shapes and colors. But, even if everybody likes it, it doesn`t buy itself. It depends how it is packed and of course how the candy shop owners make you come in to see the variety of candy that they have. Well, after I saw this Shop I can say that Candy shops come in different shapes and colors too. Designed by ROW Studio, The Candy Stop Coyoacan, as known as well as the most interesting candy shop I ever seen, is located in Mexico.

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The most amazing thing about this store is that you can`t miss it, because of his design. And, the fact that is a candy store too makes it hard for you to not enter, even for curiosity. Outstanding, yet simple, this design with the continuous purple ribbon throughout the entire space makes you want to see where it ends and so, you see yourself visiting the entire store. It will be very hard not to buy something, because the ribbon not only highlights the space where you can find your favorite products, but also gives a nice atmosphere to the shop.

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It will be very hard for you not to enter in this amazing store, even for curiosity, and after that, you will have to buy some candy too to reward the designer`s creativity.  And you won`t find the ribbon just on the walls because it combines also with the floor, keeping a happy and cozy atmosphere, like it should be in a candy shop.This design with the quasi-pyramidal shape makes not only very stylish, but also brings the idea that the store is moving and you won`t find it there next time, like an ice-cream truck. So, you have to visit it and buy all the candy you can carry.