That’s so 2013… Trends it is time to say goodbye to in 2014

Every year we get excited about the new trends that burst on to the scene. However, have you ever stopped to think about styles that could be on their way out? If you want your home to be on-trend you have got to begin by eradicating everything that is out of date before you can start bringing in all of the new designs. That is exactly what this post is here to help you with. Read on to discover some trends which you should considering kissing goodbye to this year…

Woodland Creatures.

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Last year we well and truly embraced woodland creatures in the home. From owls, to deers, to foxes – it was undoubtedly a case of bringing the outdoors inside. However, this trend has been overused to say the least. There is nothing original or innovative to explore. As a result, design experts state that this trend is passed its sell by date already.

Granite Countertops.

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If you currently have granite countertops in the home we aren’t suggesting that you get rid of those and purchase new ones. After all, this can be extremely expensive! However, it’s unlikely that people are going to invest in granite countertops in 2014. Why? Well, as mentioned – they are expensive, but they are also unpredictable as well. Instead, turn to quartz, this is set to take granite’s crown this year.

All White Kitchens.

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Let’s stay in the kitchen for the next out-of-date trend! It’s time to bring some colour into your life in 2014. Say goodbye to all-white kitchens. This is a trend that has been in fashion for many years now. However, this year it’s time to go for something with more warmth.

Ikat prints.

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Unfortunately Ikat prints have become overused to the point where they are now being seen on paper cutlery. This has done the print no favours. Typically associated with extravagance and grandeur, this pattern seems to have lost its flair.

Matching furniture sets.

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Gone are the days of matching your sofa, with your coffee table, with your arm chair, and your dining table, and so on and so forth. This look is too ridged and uninspired. It’s time to mix and match. Let your personality shine through!

So there you have it; you now know all of the trends that are unfortunately so 2013! But, what’s in for the year ahead? You can check out our ‘Hot New Home Trends for 2014‘ post. You will find some great tips for updating your home throughout the coming year!

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