Stylish interior finishes from Nanoeclectic

Tradition dictates that the walls of our homes need to be either painted or covered with wallpaper. For the kitchen and bathroom, ceramic and gres have become the main materials. But there’s also porcelain, a very beautiful material that can be used in all the rooms of the house. These are materials that make your life easier, that make cleaning easier and that can also help you create a modern appeal for your home.

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Nanoeclectic is a collection that includes beautiful interior finishes in ceramic, gres and porcelain and they all stand out with their beauty and delicacy. Nanoeclectic is part of a much larger collection called Nanotech and offered by Apavisa Porcelánico. The new collection of finishes features a mixture of textures and colors that results in stylish and eye-capturing pieces that would make any home stand out. They can also be used for other types of spaces such as offices or commercial spaces.

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The Nanoeclectic collection was developed specifically for the remodeling and design of interior spaces. It includes attractive materials in three new colors: copper, black and white and in two finishes, natural and décor. The pieces measure 30 x 60. There’s also another very alluring color, Mohave that attempts to recreate the appearance of a natural stone. You can choose from a variety of different textures and colors and you can combine them for a mixture of styles. You can also choose from a range of highly decorative mosaics that can help you create a bold design with unique details.