Stylish black and white Scandinavian interior

Even though Christmas is long gone we still feel like a small part of it is still here. The owners of this stylish apartment feel the same way. They still have their Christmas tree inside and that’s not only because they miss the holidays but also because that white tree integrates perfectly into the décor.

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In fact, it seems like a part of the room, a large decoration that completed it. The décor you see here is inside a Scandinavian apartment. Covering a total area of 240 square feet, the apartment is a great example of modern art. Notice how almost everything in there is black and white, even the tree. It’s like a modern black and white movie. Still, the owners were well aware that those colors alone can get frustrating at one point so they decided to spice up the atmosphere with some small touches of color.

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The decorations were very useful for this purpose. Also, the plants add some freshness here and there and break the monotony. Notice how every room seems to have a theme. Even though the main colors are black and white, there’s always one that’s dominant in each room. The other one is only used for contrast. I particularly like how the black and white combination works with the subtle almost beige wooden floors in the living room.{found on designattractor}