Stylish and colorful Swedish home

After presenting you a number of very bright and almost entirely white residence, especially with Nordic decors, it’s time to take a look at something a little more colorful. We found this lovely and inviting residence in Sweden. It’s a combination of Scandinavian and eclectic in terms of interior design. It has some elements in common with those crisp white homes but it’s a little more user-friendly.

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Notice how all the walls and ceilings are white, even in the kitchen or in the bathroom. This is a characteristic of Nordic decors. However, in this case we have bright and vibrant pops of color here and there that completely transform the décor. It’s a lot more cozy and inviting and it really looks like a home. The colors are beautifully mixed and the white walls and ceilings serve as a blank canvas.

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The furniture is mostly vintage but it’s also mixed with some modern designs. The styles are mixed but the result is very natural and beautiful. There’s a classic feel. The combination of styles and colors results in a cozy and inviting décor, a wonderful family home. The kitchen is a little exception. There you can find a combination of the timeless black and white. It’s a very minimalist area and it creates a nice contrast with the rest of the house.{found on shonakem}.