Stunning Lookout Tower Built Of Shipping Containers

The beautiful region of Apslawn in Tasmania, Australia, is now more beautiful than ever thanks to the new lookout tower and wine-tasting facility built here by Cumulus Studio. The studio is made up of three separate offices that operate as one big team and was founded on the idea that cohesion and collaboration are the perfect foundation for great ideas and projects.

Devil's Vineyard lookout tower location

The lookout tower is surrounded by the Devil’s Vineyard and it offers panoramic views of the eastern coast and the surroundings. It was built out of shipping containers but its design is unlike most other projects that use this resource.

Devil's Vineyard lookout tower overall architecture
Devil's Vineyard lookout tower wine-tasting facility

In addition to the tower the architects also designed and built a wine tasting facility. Both structures were prefabricated off site out of reclaimed containers and this allowed them to save a lot of time and resources, not to mention that there was a significant logistics advantage considering the remote location.

Devil's Vineyard lookout tower wood clad
Devil's Vineyard lookout tower viewing platform

The wine-tasting facility only has one level and offers a space for seasonal events and activities. There’s also a large deck with wooden tables and benches and a stylish sun shade. It serves as an extension for the interior spaces.

Devil's Vineyard lookout tower staircase
Devil's Vineyard lookout tower inside view

Both this structure and the high tower are covered with wood and have bare black sections for a simple and modern contrast and aesthetic flair. Visitors can climb a set of stairs to reach the tower and, once on top, they can admire three wonderful views, each with its own beautiful charm.

Devil's Vineyard lookout tower deck
Devil's Vineyard lookout tower outdoor lounge

Being surrounded by the large vineyard and set of a grassy hillside, these structural buildings are a very suggestive example that shows the versatility of shipping containers and their ability to slowly become part of permanent architecture and serious and inspiring projects.

Devil's Vineyard lookout tower outdoor benches

The goal of this amazing project was to create a new tourist attraction for this beautiful area and to amplify the experience of those who visit the vineyard. In addition, the design of the tower makes it landmark and allows it amplify the beauty of the views.