Star and Flower Pancake Egg Rings

My children love pancakes and I think all children do. If this were up to them, they would eat pancakes every day. But every once in a while I do want to surprise them, especially at the weekends, and make some tasty pancakes that I afterwards cut in funny shapes. I like to make them look like geometric shapes like squares and pentagons and also to make them resemble a human face by adding a funny moustache and hair made of fruit or vegetables. ANy way, I have just found this item – the Star and Flower Pancake Egg Rings that saves a lot of time and makes your life a lot easier if you have kids and many pancakes to re-design for getting a funny result.

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These rings are made of metal and they have a very nice shape: one of them looks like a flower and one like a star. And they come in sets of two. They are made of metal covered in Teflon, so they are non sticky.  The perfect shapes of stars and flowers can be now in your kitchen if you use these items. They have each a wooden handle that allows you not to get burnt while cooking pancakes and also make it easier for you to handle them. The handle stays cold during use so it is the perfect kitchen tool. You can purchase the set now for $4.88.