Split-Level Homes: Ideas and Inspiration

Split-level homes aren’t the most popular. Many people are confused by their value and many people are confused on how to separate their entertaining spaces from their lounging spots. But in actuality, these unique homes have a personality that traditional homes can never attain. Let’s take just a peek at a variety of split-level home ideas to get your brainstorming and deciding on whether or not this layout is right for you.

1. Formal and Cozy Spaces.

Interesting and multidimensional floor

We love how this room is split in the great room area. It’s essentially already split for you to decide which is the formal space and which is the cozier, homier space. Just decorate to your liking!

2. Make it Modern.

Modern level contemporary living room

Use the split to your advantage. Incorporate the stairs by creating a slick and posh space that incorporates your love of modern, contemporary styles. Although this house is of vintage value, we love how the pathway leading to the dining room is highlighted in such a chic way.

3. Enter the Mudroom.

Stairs storage

Sometimes the splits come right at the entryway. Don’t let this splitting foyer go to waste, create a practical mudroom in its place!

4. Rustic and Luxury.

Multilvel living

If your split happens to be in a very large, spacious area then you’re in luck. It’s the most advantageous spot to have it and you can easily create a room that’s made to feel like you’re in some luxury loft in the mountains or in the city, based on your decor.

5. Switch the Staircase.

Switch stairs

For a funkier look and more appealing style, trade out traditional stairs for something a bit more artistic. Instantly this split-level space turns into something more trendy and contemporary.

6.Create a Moment.

Gallery walls

Right when your guests walk in, create something special that connects the bottom level to the top. Whether it’s a collage of golden frames or vintage photos, it’ll help to make it cohesive and more in-the-now.

7. Continuous Floors.

Level up living room

One way to keep a split-level room from feeling dated is to keep a continuous flooring details. Whether it’s hardwood or carpet, don’t have three different materials coating the floor and making your family and guests feel like they’ve been sent through a time machine.

8. Bare it All.

Split level residence mccoubreyoverholser

Don’t rely on accents, instead rely on your structure and design. If you’re creating or redesigning your split level space, then make sure your staircases are art and design-worthy without anything to make them look or feel better.

9.The Family’s Personality.

Family design split

You can always go with something easy and simple, like capturing the family’s personality with the entryway. Hang up your favorite painting, paint the stairs and show off a playful rug. Your guests will feel instantly at home and your entryway will never look dated, it’ll look like you!

10. Stick with a Theme.

Tree near stairs

Just like we said previously, if your split happens in the entryway, then make things cohesive. Stick with a theme and make sure when your guests look up and down, everything goes together and meshes well.

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