Sleek freestanding fireplaces designed by Malm

Freestanding fireplaces are not built in or attached to the wall of a room. They have their own charm and appeal and can be very effective in changing the ambiance of the room. They instantly become the focal point of attraction.The sleek freestanding fireplaces designed by Malm lets have a clear view of the fire from  any angle against traditional wood fireplaces. The  freestanding fireplace is available in many colors, including a variety of porcelain colors, brass, stainless, nickel, copper plated or matte black finish.

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There’s something about fireplaces that makes them very attractive. Maybe it’s the fact that they allow you to have fire inside your home. Or maybe it’s the great feeling that you get when you’re pulling up a comfortable chair in front of the fireplace, you enjoy a nice cup of coco or you simply read a book. But that is mostly true when it comes to those traditional fireplaces, that use the wood as combustible.

Malm fireplace zircon

As for the modern ones, like these ones, they are also interesting and they have very nice and creative shapes and features. But they still can’t recreate the feeling that you get with the traditional ones. But there are also some other advantages when using a modern fireplace like this one. You can place it wherever you want, it’s smaller, easier to move around, it looks more modern and it’s more attractive and some of them even use some sort on non-toxic gas.