10 Shoe Storage Ideas to Keep You Sane

You’ve probably come across this post while you’re in the throes of spring cleaning. Because this warmer weather has everyone wanting to scrub away the dust and staleness of winter. But after you’ve scrubbed and dusted and straightened and cleaned every nook and cranny in your home, I would hazard that you still have one frustrating problem. Shoes. Even if you are the only one living in your place, the shoes can pile up by the front door and across your bedroom floor and on the rug by your favorite spot on the couch. If your home is going to be truly clean, those unruly shoes need a place to rest. Take a look at these 10 shoe storage ideas to keep you sane and your shoes under control.

Ladder shoe rack for a funky design

Need some real smart shoe storage for your tiny place? Use a ladder to hang heels and add S hooks for your flats. It will be a great addition to the open closet in your room already. (via designsponge)

DIY shoe organizer

Time for a little DIY. With some wood, a bit of paint and a few screws, you can craft this shoe holder in no time. You might be surprise the immediate affect it has on your entryway. (via Emily Henderson)

Pallet rack shoe storage

Living in a home with several pairs of feet, you need some real storage to accommodate all the pairs of sneakers and flats and boots. Find a few sets of free pallets and use the wood to build a shelf. Just install in your mudroom and all those shoes will never give you grief again. (via 1001 Pallets)

Bench shoe storage

Maybe your mudroom really needs duel purpose furniture. There are so many options to buy or DIY benches that double as shoe storage. It makes putting on those shoes with buckles easy when you leave and then just lift and stash when you get home. (via My List of Lists)

PVC pipe shoe storage

PVC pipe is cheap and plain. Make your shoes a tower of circles that will act as more of an art piece in your home than storage. You can even paint them to match your walls so the bright white doesn’t stick out quite so much. (via Cookie Loves Milk)

Crate shoe storage

While we’re stacking, let’s talk about crates. Wooden crates are a perfect option for adding rustic looking storage to your home. You can stack them as tall as you like and stain them or paint them or whatever will fit your home best. (via Smart School House)

Simple IKEA Shelves for Shoe

Some shoes are just too gorgeous to stash out of sight. Install shelves from IKEA in your closet or your bedroom and put those soles on display. Because shoes know how to make a girl happy.

Crown molding shoe storage

Crown molding comes in all sizes and patterns. Pick one that suits your chic apartment and instead of putting it up by the ceiling, make it an art piece by hanging your favorite pairs of heels. (via Lucky By Design)

DIY shoe cubby storage

Sometimes there’s just to many pairs of little shoes to know what to do with them. If that’s where you stand, you’ll want to consider building this storage piece that will hold as many shoes as you have in style. (via Remodelaholic)

Photo boxes shoe storage

Boxes stack more easily than shoes. Grab your camera and that collection of shoeboxes from under your bed and start snapping. You’ll find that you can squeeze them together better than you could with just the shoes themselves. (via Closet Fever)