The Café Aroma Translated Into A Sculptural Design In Shanghai

A lot of inspiration for coffee shops comes from the drink itself. Coffee has a distinct aroma and a lot of character and translating all that into something tangible can prove to be quite the challenge. The results, however, can be extraordinary. As it happens, we found a lovely little place that would make a perfect example in this case.

Fumi cafe front wall and door

This is a place called Fumi. It’s located in Shanghai, China and its interior design was completed in 2016. It’s the work of Alberto Caiola, an interior designer who loves to play with contrasts. For him, every project is a unique story that needs to be told. All the designs he creates are full of authenticity and they’re a lovely marriage between poetic beauty and pragmatic function.

Fumi cafe indoor-outdoor bar
Fumi cafe bar at front

There are two interesting elements about this café. One of them is the ceiling which undulates and follows smooth and delicate lines, mimicking the drink itself. It’s as if there are ripples of coffee on the ceiling just waiting to swallow the whole space but somehow kept at bay so guests can admire them.

Fumi cafe interior seating

The other interesting design detail is a wall. More exactly, it’s a wall decorated with lots of Moka coffee pots of different sizes. They are arranged in an apparently random pattern as if they’ve been embedded in the wall by the passage of time. Accent lighting highlights their uniqueness.

Fumi cafe central table

Between the sculptural wall décor and the canopy-like ceiling, this place also gets its charm from other small elements such as all the furniture. Everything in here was designed with mirrred surfaces. This was done in order to make the space appear larger.

Fumi cafe bar and barista

The strategy paid off. Even though the floor space is limited, the interior looks and feels very airy and quite spacious. A long and sleek table with rounded edges occupies the space towards the center. Two rows of chairs are aligned on either side and they too have reflective finishes.

Fumi cafe coffee pot ornaments

The accent wall decorated with coffee pots also has a beautiful texture. it’s actually an exposed brick wall painted white to better reflect the light. The wall opposite to this one has its own charm. It features a raw and unfinished surface and it’s been decorated with a large mirror matching the tabletop.

Fumi cafe decorative wall

Below the mirror there’s a wall-mounted bar and a series of bar stools that provide extra seating along the wall. At the far end of the space is where guests can find the menu and where the barista turns coffee into exquisiteness.

Fumi cafe wall decor

The glass door that welcomes guests in is part of a glazed wall along which there’s are even more seats at a bar. This wall connects the coffee shop to the outside world, letting natural light in and alluring passers by inside. The wall folds up and opens, forming a semi-covered seating area which connects the interior and exterior.

Fumi cafe framed wall mirror