Easy & Pretty Flower Combination Ideas for Landscaping

When it’s time to plant your garden, do a little landscaping and clean up your yard, you may spend a little too much time figuring out what flowers pair well with others. Honestly, when bloomed, who really complains that their rose doesn’t look quite right next to their tulip? Fresh, growing flowers are beautiful no matter the case – but for all those that like to plan and ponder – we’ve decided to round up 10 easy and pretty flower combination ideas for your landscaping needs! Take a look!

1. Petunias & Pansies.

Pink petunias

Colorful pansy flowers

Sometimes confused by one another, petunias and pansies are easy-to-care-for, whimsical flowers that come in a variety of colors. We love their short, but lush nature and love their pairing for an easy way to line the walkway to the front door.

2. Tulips & Gerber Daisies.

Tulip flowers
Gerber Daisies flowers
Gerber Daisies

Another two flowers that come in a variety of colors, these two petals have quite a dissimilar look. The chic, soft tulip and the vibrant, disheveled daisy pair well together because of their taller appearance and thick stalk, making for a more artistic combination.

3. Dahlias & Alium.

Dahlias flowersView in gallery
Purple allium

Alium with its purple variations and dahlias coming in different, beautiful hues, these flowers have a soft, “puffy” look that blends well together in the garden. Although, watch how they’re planted as dahlias are much shorter than alium when full grown.

4. Lavender & Lillies.

Lavender flowers
Lily garden floral art prints pink lilies

Lavender comes in an arrangement of lavender shades while lillies can be seen in bright pinks to tiger variations. But we love the contrast of pairing the two together in the garden, since they aren’t similar in nature, it becomes a fun, textural experience.

5. Aster & Goldenrod.

Asteraceae flowers
Goldenrod flowers

Yellows and purples will always find a home together as a stylish, power color duo. Then when you surround a tuft of aster with a swarm of goldenrod you’ll get something quite magical.

6. Peonies & Garden Roses.

Beautiful Peonies
Garden roses

Pick out the colors of your choice and then have fun. The lush nature of peonies paired with the most sophisticated roses will make for a vibrant and youthful addition to your garden. But then again, the voluminous garden rose pairs well with the plushness of the peony!

7. Hollyhocks & Bleeding Hearts.

Hollyhocks flowersView in gallery
Bleeding Hearts Flowers
Bleeding Hearts

We are loving the idea of pairing these two “vine-like” flowers together for a super whimsical accent to your landscaping. They’ll look incredible offsetting the smaller flowers and trimmed bushes.

8. Zinnias & Lisianthus.

Red zinnia flowers
Lisianthus or Eustoma

Zinnias are bright, fun and have a super interesting texture and style all their own. Which is why, when paired with a Lisianthus they’ll both pop right off the soil!

9. Sweet Alyssum & Gazanias.

White alyssum flowers
Gazania orange flowers

Short and sweet, these flowers look fabulous together and work great for covering a large area. Use this duo for surround the back patio or plots around the trees or mailboxes.

10. Marigolds & Snapdragon.

Backyard Marigolds flowers
Snapdragon flowers

Talk about a power pair! These vibrantly colored flowers will definitely make a bold statement in your garden and pop right off the greenery!