Pocono Palace – the Hotel with a Huge Glass Champagne Bathtub

I know Valentine’s Day is already gone, but I think love can and should be celebrated all year long. It’s a beautiful feeling and it’s worth being dedicated special places. Like this wonderful hotel in Pennsylvania, USA, called Poconos Hotel. This hotel is made especially for lovers. Every detail is thought to please the customers who come with their loved ones, their spouses or girlfriends there to spend some quality time there as a couple.


But many other hotels have honeymoon suites or special rooms for Valentine’s Day. However, this hotel is special because it has something unique to offer: it’s a huge bathtub that is shaped like a champagne glass and that is made for two. It even has a long leg that is specific to any champagne glass.

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And you can have a nice hot bubbling bath in that special shaped bathtub together with your spouse, looking at things from the height. Of course, there’s also a heart-shaped jacuzzi  and together, these two special things make your journey there really pleasant and romantic and will make you in the mood for love.