Pirates Themed Theater worth $2.5 million

Pirates of the Caribbean has been a very successful franchise and a lot of people all over the world have become fans. No wonder that pirates have gained more and more fame and many people have found it inspiring. So many of them have decided to re-design their homes so as to obtain a pirates themed room, house or … theater. That is the case of this building I am presenting to you today and which is being under construction in Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

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The latest movie of the franchise is called “On stranger tides” and it has recently been released in cinemas. So it would be wonderful to be able to watch it in your own wonderful home theater. Of course, I am sure you will not spend $2.5 million for this, but some people are willing to do this.

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This pirate themed theater has all the ingredients of a good pirates movie, having the home theater appear on board of a pirate ship and paying attention to all the details. The project has benefited from the help and assistance of Elite Home Theater Seating and they brought  little details that completed the whole picture like:  gas lanterns, embossed double doors, stoned walls and even a stormy sky that is painted on a canvas and placed on the ceiling in order to suggest a rough storm at sea. All these have cost $2.5 million so far, which is quite a lot of money, but the result is great.