Original Bookstores

I’m sure that in your house there is an space where the books are stored. The library furniture is the best solution, and originality must seize them not to become flat and boring furniture. This type of furniture should not be horizontal shelves against the wall, the design reaches every tiny element and libraries are also likely to cause surprise.

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Everyone has a bookstore in their home, or at least a space dedicated to book storage. And usually bookstores are all the same, simple, with some shelves, symmetrical, not very interesting. However there are some very interesting designs that can really turn your home into a more attractive place.

Original Bookstores12

For example, take a look at these pictures and you’ll what I’m talking about. My personal favorite is the round one. But there are also other options as well, like the glass one shapes like cubes. That looks like the museum boxes. Anyway, let yourself get inspired by these designs and keep them in mind the next time you’ll be looking for a bookstore. It doesn’t have to look boring.

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I really like when designers take some basic pieces like this bookstore for example, which is something that almost everyone has in their home, and turn them into something original and unique. It’s very clever and original. Imagination and creativity really have no limits.