Occordian Coat Rack

Usually when you enter someone’s house and outside it’s cold, you look for a place where to put your coat or umbrella if necessary. That is normal because you do not get into the living room all dressed up, but keep only the clothes for indoors. So you normally look for a coat rack that can be fixed on the wall – a kind of board with many hooks where you hang your coat or maybe a tree-like coat rack. Well, sometimes you will be surprised to find out that some coat racks do not look like what you can expect, but rather unusual, having an interesting design. This Occordian Coat Rack is the perfect example, as you would never guess its use unless you know it already.

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In my imagination this original coat rack looks like pairs of hand cuffs, linked together and made of wood. They are connected and can be placed both horizontally and vertically and the oxidized dark knobs that are used to keep the halves together are the ones that serve as coat racks. The item is made in USA and the manufacturer used white oak for making it, which makes it look great in any hallway. You can choose whether the shape of this coat rack to be round or oval and this can be done by simply choosing where to place the hardware. Quite an interesting design I might say, offered by Lostine.