Netherlands Railway Station Made Of Shipping Containers

Reusing shipping containers and turning them into houses or other usable structures has become a popular idea lately. The containers aren’t used just for housing but also for other more elaborate projects. For example, there’s a railway station in the Netherlands that was made using shipping containers. It was a project by Dutch studio NL. Architects.

Barneveld Noord shipping containers

They designed the Berneveld Noord station for Dutch national railway service ProRail and it was part of a project meant to upgrade 20 stations across the country as part of a campaign called Prettig Watchten (Pleasant Waiting). The goal is to make waiting for trains a comfortable and pleasant experience. Chipping containers were chosen in order to create a temporary structure that could be relocated.

Barneveld Noord shipping containers2

Barneveld Noord shipping containers3

Barneveld Noord shipping containers4

Barneveld Noord shipping containers6

Barneveld Noord shipping containers7

Barneveld Noord shipping containers8

Barneveld Noord shipping containers9

Barneveld Noord shipping containers10

Barneveld Noord shipping containers11

The station is made of four containers. Three of them form a roof above the waiting room and one of them has an open bottom while the other two are sealed and serve for storage. The fourth container has been placed on its side and forms a clock tower in the middle of the structure. It contains a bathroom with a skylight. The waiting room features elements like washrooms, wi-fi, floor heating, TV and even art. This makes waiting for trains a much more pleasant and comfortable experience for the passengers and thus taking the train somewhere becomes less inconvenient.