Neff FlexInduction Hobs Make Cooking a Pleasure

Having the right equipment is crucial for any kitchen. The hob or hot plate or however else you want to call it is one of the most important elements. Induction hobs have proven to be very efficient. They direct the heat directly into the pot and nothing is wasted. This design was revolutionary so imagining how it can be improved is not easy. The Neff T44T43N0 FlexInduction however got our attention.

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The Neff hob makes cooking significantly easier. It offers great flexibility by using an enlarged single zone that heats pans of any size that are positioned anywhere within it. This gives you better control over cooking requirements and more freedom when placing the pots and pans. The hob is divided into two different cooking zones. They are connected via a sensor button.

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\optimal heat distribution is a very important detail. In this case, the hob impresses with another feature. It automatically detects the size of the pot and heats it perfectly without wasting energy. In addition, the hob comes with a removable Point & Twist magnetic central knob which lets you select the cooking zone and also control the temperature at the same time.