Modern Restored White Interior by MINIM Interior Design Studio

Perhaps many of us think of those old times when monarchs lived in their luxury castles where they had everything at their disposal and imagine a house that could accomplish them all their desires and look almost like a real castle.

Cloister in Barcelona 11 750x549View in gallery

The designers of MINIM Interior Design Studio seemed that thought of the same thing and Elina Vilá and Agnès Blanch have designed this beautiful white interior. Actually it is a project based on a housing which seems to incorporate an ancient cloister with 500 years old and an intervention by Antoni Gaudi.

The arched windows and walls remind you of the Gothic style and make you imagine that you live in a real castle. The difference is that here you have all the modern comfort you need. The designers intended to keep the old architectural elements but bring a new touch of modernity. Thus it was created a great ambiance with a beautiful décor dominated by the white color and the warm of the natural light.

Cloister in Barcelona 11 750x549View in gallery

Cloister in Barcelona 11 750x549

The pieces of furniture are modern and combined with some traditional elements like the presence of a candlestick in one of the rooms or the bed with baldachin in the bedroom .Every room is spacious, there are no rugs on the parquets and almost in every room you can notice the presence of a chair that looks like a throne and makes you imagine that you are the queen or king there.