10 Modern Deck Spaces to Inspire Your Summer Backyard

Summer nights are the most perfect time to be outdoors. The balmy breezes and chirping crickets beckon you to sip on a glass of iced tea and enjoy the sunset glow. They also make the perfect setting to host a dinner party for your closest friends. But whether you’re serving dinner or just relaxing, it’s necessary to have a backyard space to accommodate your pleasure. Decks can be a little intimidating to style, but you’ll be surprise what a little inspiration will do. Take a look at these 10 modern deck spaces to get you started on creating your own modern backyard haven.

leveled deck

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what you want the focus of your deck to be. Decks with multiple levels are perfect for dividing the space between relaxing an dining. So when you want to have that dinner party, you’ll have a dedicated space for it, as well as a cozy spot to relax and read.

invisible railed deck

Does your deck have an incomparable view? Use that to your styling advantage by replacing your wood railing with an invisible one. It will let you get the most of nature and make for some sweet Instagram shots.

wrap around deck

If your deck seems boxy and hopeless, consider this solution. Build onto it so it wraps around your entire house! Suddenly an out-of-place entertaining space becomes a cohesive deck that will make you want to spend your whole summer outdoors. It can also provide an entertaining space and a private space for the family on opposite sides of the house. (via Dwell)

pergola deck

Pergolas are such a simple styling tip, and yet they make such a big impact. It takes your decorating space up high where you can hang lights or plants or even extra seating. The shade is just a bonus. (via Home Depot)

firepit deck

If your family is a fire pit family, this is possibly the best solution I’ve seen to combine your deck and fire pit space. By putting your burning spot near your deck, you can have guests use the deck for seating! No more wasted marshmallows that fell in the grass. (via Dwell)

outdoor kitchen deck

Grill masters listen up. You dream about having an outdoor kitchen but have lost hope about ever having one because you have a deck instead of a patio. I’m here to tell you that you can still create one! Line it with cabinets, make room for the grill and build a back that will give you some privacy while you flip those burgers. It will be come the star of the party this summer. (via Dwell)

Digital process : PixSolution

Everybody wants a taste of creative seating among the wicker furniture. That’s where hanging chairs and swings come in. Take advantage of your eves or your pergola and hang up a cozy seat that will become your new favorite reading spot. (via Dwell)

creative privacy

When you live in the city or the suburbs, you kinda want some privacy to your outdoor life. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to come at a huge cost. You can get creative with lattices and screens and slats that will provide the privacy you’re looking for without breaking the bank.

sunken seating

Are you trying to work with a plain ol’ flat deck? It’s time to get low. Sink a square to the ground and fill it with cushions and pillows. You’ll discover that your plain ol’ flat deck just got a lot more interesting.

fireplace deck

Decks can have fireplaces too! Whether you use brick or stone or concrete, adding a place for a cozy fire will make your deck a pleasant place to be from snow to snow. Just warm up a cup of cocoa in October and relax in front of the flames. (via House Beautiful)