Designs That Make Glass Bookcases Fashionable Again

There was a time when glass bookcases and display cabinets were the latest trend. They then became outdated and everyone wanted to distance themselves from the concept, switching to more solid and simple designs. A lot of modern designs, however, are trying to resurface the glass bookcase, making it a fashionable piece of furniture once again.

Double side glass bookcase

A lovely design to start with is that of the Lido bookcase. It’s a double-sided piece which can be incorporated in a lot of environments, from formal office spaces to casual living rooms. it’s even possible to use the bookcase as a room divider in order to separate two functions that share an open floor plan.

aluminium and glass wall mounted shelving unit
Bookcases are usually incorporated in offices and other similar spaces so some designs have desks built into them. One such example is the Cristalina shelving unit. It’s made of glass so it ha a transparent look which makes it very versatile and easy to match with any décor. It has a section at the center where a desk is situated and the rest of the shelves offer storage for electronics, files and other things.

Ship wheel and glass
Although small, this Ship’s Wheel bookcase has a very interesting and eye-catching design. It’s shaped like a steering wheel used on ships and boats. It has three sleek glass shelves which are perfect for displaying small decorations and collectibles on. This lovely wall-mounted piece is ideal for a nautical-inspired interior.

Glass and stainless steel shelving

Constructed of glass and stainless steel, the Works 2014 bookcase is something you cane expect to see in a modern living room, dining space, office or even a bathroom. that’s because the design is very simple and very versatile both in terms of form and choice of materials. The unit was designed by Piero Lissoni.

Double side sectional glass bookcase

Double-sided bookcases are often used as space dividers. The Kortazz bookcase, for example, could be used as a divider between a bedroom’s sleeping and lounge areas or between a living space and a kitchen or a dining area. The glass shelves give it a transparent and fresh look while also allowing it to look solid.

Glass open shelving system

The Blow bookcase is another very versatile piece. Its design is simple and timeless, featuring glass side panels and deep gloss shelves. The combination of materials is not unusual and instead what stands out is the way in which these were used. Traditional designs feature glass shelves and solid frames but here the balances changes.

Teso float glass bookcase
Glass is also the main material selected for the Teso bookcase designed by Renzo Piano. The bookcase has open sides and is supported by a chromed metal frame. It’s simple and stylish enough to become a chic part of a modern living room or to be used in a home office.

Backup Glass

The Backup Glass is a tempered glass bookcase that was designed to be modular and versatile in order to naturally suit both traditional and modern environments. It offers sufficient storage for large book collections and the shelves can also be used as display surfaces for collections and decorative items.

Glass and steel shelving unit

One of the main characteristics of a lot of modern furniture pieces is their open structure. Traditional glass cabinets and bookcases used to have doors that kept everything carefully enclosed. New creations such as the Freely bookcase by Angelo Pinaffo keep the décor open and airy by using open shelves and completely eliminating the sides and doors.

Simplicity and transparency define the Quiller, a bookcase made entirely of glass. It has six open shelves and closed sides and it can be placed against a wall, allowing the color to be visible or it can be used as a freestanding unit or divider between two or more spaces. Use it as a single unit or in pairs of two or three.

Freestanding modular glass shelving

With bookcases such as the Delphi H manufactured by Sovet Italia you can make your book appear to be floating. The bookcase is entirely made of glass and its frame is almost unnoticeable, neing thin and transparent. Only on a closer inspection is becomes apparent that the shelves have a trapezoidal shape and form a wavy structure.

Open double sided divider shelving

But not modern bookcases and shelving units want to be transparent. Some prefer to play with beautiful combinations of materials and to feature shapes that make them stand out. One example is this Divider bookcase from Dialma Brown. It has a frame made of old pine wood and metal and four glass shelves.