Mix and Match Place Settings: Ideas & Inspiration

Eclecticism is just another way of describe a unique, out-of-the-box style. And that type of original look is welcomed in every part of your home and your life for that matter. That means even on the tablescape. Make every dinner memorable with lots of pop, pizazz and youthful flair. Take a look at some of these place setting ideas and see if these mixed and matched designs are right for you!

1. Tie-Dye Effects.

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A trio of color, a mix of design, we love this pairing and layering of different tie-dye looks and feelings. It’s perfect for a casual lunch or outdoor BBQ with the neighbors. It’s light and easy. It’s also still very comfortable and not too fussy for more causal meals. This dipped-dyed feel is soft on the eyes but still very artistic and lively.

2. Floral Rustics.

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The burlap coverings and the two different floral prints make for a fresh and rustic style. Although it has its masculine appeals, this setting knows how to keep a freshness and girlish charm in tact. Serve up some brunch or take these plates on the road for an afternoon picnic, strawberries and sparkling grape juice included.

3. Different Textures.

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The wood, the metal, the glass and the weaved linens, the combination of textures and soft color palette make this display easy on the eyes but still incredibly interesting and hipster in style. This would be the perfect scape to create for a dinner party full of old college buddies or an easy way to impress and excite extended family. Pay attention to the table too as an added textural bonus, is it wood, metal or covered in soft linens? Remember that when creating your scape.

4. Simple Prints.

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Subtly and simplicity can too be eclectic and mixy-matchy. Use black and white to keep it clean, then use different prints to jazz it up. Layer it up and allow your guests to relax and enjoy in a stylish, fashion-forward way, without all the hustle, bustle and fuss. Stripes and polka-dots are such a great pairing too, youthful, flirty and fresh.

5. Various Shapes.

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Don’t be afraid of using different shapes on the table. Steer clear of modern, straight-edged contemporary looks. Instead, use dishes with different looks and designs for a textural, interesting feel. Scalloped edging, rectangular serving trays, round and chic bowls, it’s one piece of the puzzle you can’t forget to include in your creation for the most unique mix and matched place setting.