Kelly Serra Donovan’ s home, an idea of perfection

Kelly Serra Donovan, the co-founder of Scandinavian Made, is the one “responsible” for the way her house (the one in the picture) looks like. And it looks great! It is so warm and inviting that you do not know what to admire first and what to do in order to obtain at least a part of that effect in your own house. The room of her child is more than inviting; it is an ideal world that makes you want to play, no matter how old you are.

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Every corner was carefully planned and very well- organized and so welcoming that you do not know where to look first. The shade of turquoise is present in every room, but so nice and attractive that makes you like it on the spot. The entire home feels cheerful and cozy and this impression reigns all around the place. The girl’s room is not only an example of a fun and imaginative space, but it is also an inspiring space.

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Everything is characterized by three words: simplicity, elegance and modernity; the details are so cute, providing personality and good taste and the general impression is the same, under the signature of perfection. This home is definitely a model and once you see it, it impossible not to like it and not to want to inspire yourself.