Katrine Martensen-Larsen Makes Country Living Special

We all work and slog together day in and day out and the ideal way to end this working routine will be to retire and spend the better part of your savings on a country house. Living by the countryside is a privilege which is not available to the all of us but you can sure stick to my plan. At least I am inspired by what I see in the magical Katrine Martensen-Larsen redesigned country house which has been photographed by Stuart McIntyre. More than words, it is the pictures you would come to admire just like we did, leaving us all spellbound by the abundant usage of the color white. As you can see from the photos only the exterior of the house suggests that it is a countryside house. The interior design is perfect for any kind of house and offers you all the comfort and technology you need. The rooms have simple, but comfortable furniture and the attic was turned into the kids room. The simple yet effective decorations on the walls are perfect for this house and everything feels so cosy and home-like that you would like to move in right away.

Katrine Martensen

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