Joongho Choi Designed RIDDLE Wavy Front Dressers

It is time to break the monotony created by those flat-faced front dressers and to upgrade to a fresh looking wavy design dubbed the RIDDLE. RIDDLE front dressers have been designed by Joongho Choi and it is a series of bedroom and accent chests which is determined to offer a fresh look to your surroundings. The wavy panels are marked by signs of love and luck which make these dressers look very cool along with being functional at the same time. Another interesting design trait is the use of same colors and materials on the inside of the storage area.

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The bedroom is a very important room of the house. Obviously, the bed is the central piece in there. But there also other furniture pieces that are also very important. For example the dresser. Everyone needs a dresser. It’s not easy to find the perfect dresser for your bedroom. People usually match this item with the rest of the furniture, mainly the bed or the nightstands.

Bedroom chests

But if you want something simple and special, you should consider this option. It’s a very beautiful design and it has a really nice wavy shape. It would look great in a modern bedroom. The collection includes two versions: the smaller and fun one and the bigger one, with alternating colors. They are both equally beautiful and elegant.