Jig Silver Coat Rack

Coat racks are very useful, especially in the colder seasons that are autumn and winter because the weather in these seasons make us wear coats. But these coats have different dimensions. For example a fur coat is a lot bigger than a small jacket for a boy. However, normal coat racks allow the same space for each coat, disregarding the difference among them. Well, I was annoyed plenty of times because of this, so I decided to use every hook for a coat in autumn when we use thinner coats and jackets and every other hook in winter. This is my solution and it does not always work. But apparently there are other people who not only noticed this problem, but fixed it. This is how the Jig Silver Coat Rack appeared.

Metal coat1View in gallery

Metal coatView in gallery

This special Jig Silver Coat Rack is adjustable and it is made of two metal tiers along which you can move the six knobs, adjusting the distance between them as you see fit. Because it is made of metal, the coat rack is really resistant and sturdy, so it can support the weight of the coats pretty well. Then it is made of stainless steel and has a silver finish, which gives it a shining look, great for any hallway design. It is made in India, but you can order it online from Crate&Barrel and have it shipped to any part of the world. the purchasing price is $69.95.