Giant Octopus Beautiful Tryptich

I think we learn something every day if we pay attention to the world around us. For example I had no idea what a tryptich was until recently when I discovered that it sounds a lot more complicated than it really is. In case you did not know either, a tryptich is a work of art that is usually made of painted panels and which is divided into tree separate parts. The funny thing about these parts is the fact that they are not displayed next to each other, but they do have some space in between them. And this makes the tryptich even more interesting as design.

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This Giant Octopus Beautiful Tryptich is actually only a copy of the original one that was painted by Lord Bodner in 1826 in London as a follow up of his extended studies of the sea creatures. Octopuses have always fascinated people because of their strange looks and unusual “design”, so people feared them and respected them. That is why this painting seems to be so beautiful and also so famous. And, to tell you the truth, the different shades of blue used for the painting look great on any wall of any home. So if you like this and want to have it, you will have to login here, to the Natural Curiosities web site.