Five three-storey towered residential extension by Christian Pottgiesser

This beautiful mansion is located in Paris and it’s composed of five three-storey towered residential extensions to the orangery of an eighteenth century castle in Yvelines. The structure was designed by Pottgiesser ArchitecturesPossibles and the design team working at the project was composed of Christian Pottgiesser and Pascale Thomas Pottgiesser.

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It was a difficult project that started in 2004 and ended in 2011, with limitations that made it even more difficult. . Three of the perimeters were surrounded by historical monuments and this meant that they had to be preserved, thus making the contruction more difficult. The structure sits on a a 5,000 square meter site, from which the house occupies only870 square meters while the other 4850 square meters are the garden.

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“Maison L” was named like that because of its L-shaped structure. It’s a complex structure composed of five towers connected by concrete canopy. This structure allowed the architects to create beautiful roof terraces as well as shared living areas. The owners are a family of six, two parents and four children.

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The five towers were built using white cement and they are framed by pine boards. A dry stone wall envelops the ground floor. The construction was restricted to eight meters in height, thus forcing the architects to build the ground floor two meters below point 0. But this also meant that they could have seven meters high ceilings. The towers feature concrete masonry, which ensures insulation throughout the year.

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Each tower features a dressing room, a storage space, as well as a mezzanine and a bathroom on the ground floor, while on the second floor sits the bedroom. The larger tower, belonging to the parents, also has a beautiful rooftop garden that offers clear views to“La Défense”, Paris’ business district with its sky scrapers. Overall, the interior design is modern and minimalist, with functional built-in furniture and lots of open spaces.{found on yatzer}