Does Your Home Have Style?

Does your home have style… It’s the million dollar question isn’t it? Every year we hear about different trends and styles that are coming in and out of fashion. Yet, it is obviously impossible to include all of these trends into your home. Brass decor, floral patterns, oriental accessories, accent walls and animal prints are all fashion; but you couldn’t incorporate them into one room, could you?

We’ve put together a list of the top interior designs with some information on how to emulate them correctly so you can decide whether your home has a five star rating on the style front or not…

1. Minimalism

Modern minimalist living room designs by MobilFresno1View in gallery

Get rid of the clutter. Kiss goodbye to too many accessories. Kick crazy patterns and prints to the curb. If you truly want to emulate this style then you need to change your mentality. Most people tend to go for a monochrome colour scheme when going for a minimalistic design.

2. Africana.

African theme living roomView in gallery

Over the past few years we have seen animal prints soar to the top of the popularity ratings. This has led to the Africana vibe really taking off. How do you rock this look? Stick to browns and creams in terms of colour. If you feel your room is lacking excitement then you can always go for one solo pop of colour – such as bright yellow or bright orange. Add some African accessories, such as headdresses and wall masks. And when it comes to fabric Kuba Cloth is always recommended.{image source here}.

3. Masculine Influence.

Masculine bedroomView in gallery

Think of the ultimate bachelor’s pad. This is similar to the minimalistic trend in the sense that there is the absence of clutter. However, you should throw in a few gadgets and even a small pop of colour to give the full effect.

4. Floral.

Floral themedView in gallery

To emulate this trend you need to play towards the fun and lively element of the pattern. Don’t hold back, let the flowers take centre stage. And don’t stick to just one pattern; several floral prints look beautiful together.

5. Tudor Inspired.

Tudor interior designView in gallery

Take a step back in time with Tudor inspired interior. The use of wood is pivotal when opting for this look. Always go for deep, dark and mysterious shades. These add an air of luxury and intrigue to the room. And make sure you look for some wall art from the Renaissance period as well.{found on site}.

6. A Taste of Greece.

Grace decorView in gallery

If you want to bring a bit of the Mediterranean into your home then you must incorporate the Greek key pattern and don’t forget about alluding to the Greek Gods and Ancient Greek culture. The combination of yellow and blue works well because it represents the sunshine and the beautiful blue water which Greece has received a great reputation for.{found on Tracy Murdock}.

7. Indian Spice.

Indian styleView in gallery

This opulent trend is flourishing at the moment. Vivid jewel-tone colours and elaborate gold adornments make up the heart of Indian Spice interior design. When styling your room you need to imagine you are walking into an Indian palace.{found on site}.

8. Nautical.

Nautical themeView in gallery

Ahoy! If you want to bring life on sea into your home then nautical is the perfect way to do it. Blue, white and red is the colour scheme for a nautical inspired room. Warm wood and sailor inspired accessories, such as an anchor or a ship’s wheel, are a must too. There are lots of fantastic accessories and furnishings in stores at the moment that play towards this trend so you shouldn’t have too much trouble putting it together.{found on T Baker}.

9. Graphics.

Graphic decorView in gallery

Graphic patterns are highly popular at the moment. If you look online you will see lots of geometric patterned wall art, cushions, wallpaper and alike. This trend is bold, exciting and ideal for those who are looking to bring bright colours and lots of energy into their home.{found on site}.

10. Under the Sea.

Ocean themeView in gallery

Earlier with the nautical trend we had life on sea, now we have life under it! This is another easy trend to emulate. Go for a beautiful blue colour reminiscent of the ocean and add shells and other accessories centred around sea life.

11. Classic Elegance.

Classic elleganceView in gallery

If you want to rock this trend properly then you should be looking for classic patterns, such as the Colefax and Fowler Chintz used in the picture above. Remember; classic is not about being plain and boring, it is about the incorporation of pretty and traditional fabrics and designs.{picture sources here}

12. Retro.

Wall decal modernView in gallery

If you want to go for a retro feel then incorporate strips, pick a bright and bold colour scheme, purchase a shaggy rug and opt for an arc lamp as the perfect finishing touch. Watch a few episodes of That 70’s Show for inspiration!{found on site}.

13. American Colonial.

Colonial revival diningView in gallery

To emulate this trend effectively you need three main components; woodwork, uncluttered spaces and handmade quilts. This is the easy recipe for success. After all, the American Colonial trend is inspired by the English immigrants who moved to the US in the 18th century.

14. Britannia.

London themedView in gallery

If you are British and proud then don’t say it, incorporate it into your interior design! From the British flag, to the blue, white and red colour scheme to the patriotic accessories available; this trend is a lot easier to rock then a lot of people expect.{picture by Simon}.

15. Gothic.

Impressive gothic bedroom designs 21View in gallery

When we talk about “Gothic” styles we are not alluding to the modern depiction of goth. You should cast your mind back to the Middle Ages to do this trend justice. The carver pattern is one you must incorporate in any Gothic style of room.

16. French Interior.

French bedroom interiorView in gallery

When opting for French inspired interior the trick is to keep everything classical. It is up to you whether you want to go down the sophisticated route or you would prefer something more extravagant and opulent. The example above has a beautiful blend of all; it is sophisticated but definitely has a lavish finishing touch.

17. Bohemian.

Bohemian decorView in gallery

A successful bohemian style room is one that exudes the feeling of relaxation. As soon as you step into the room your body should immediately relax. And is far as patterns go; if it doesn’t match, it doesn’t matter!{found on blog}.

18. Shabby Chic.

Shabby chicView in gallery

Shabby Chic is an adorable interior design. It has a feminine and cosy feel to it. The base of the room should be white and then you will incorporate lace, floral patterns, pastel colours and antiques.{found on site}.

19. Contemporary.

Contemporary kitchenView in gallery

If you want to go for an ultra modern style then incorporate one pop of bright colour. Furthermore, make sure the furniture you choose has straight lines and sharp corners.{found on site}.

20. Eclectic.

Electic interiorView in gallery

And finally, if you are struggling to stick to one style then you can always go down the eclectic route. This incorporates an array of different trends into the one room. It may seem like a really easy to feel to emulate but you have to be careful regarding what you go for. After all, whilst nothing may match, you still need everything to look good as one.{found on Naomi house}.