Different Ways To Use Beautiful and Large Art Pieces

On the wall, above the mantle, as a headboard or alined with the sofa in the living room, large art pieces are found in a small variety of suspecting places. But, what if you could do more with them than the usual? You’d be surprised what you can do and how you can decorate with them in ways that are a bit outside-the-box and unusual. Take a look!

1. Nook Love.

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If you’ve got a big enough piece, make a scene in your nook! It’s almost like wallpaper and art meet to create a focal point unlike any other. Your morning coffee will never be the same and much more stylish.

2. Up and Away.

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If you’ve got a spacious space and two floors, utilize that bit of extra wall space as inspiration. It’s the perfect way to incorporate bigger art pieces in a surprising fashion.

3. Covered All.

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Make a large and in charge wall collage using your biggest pieces of art. Your hallway will be spruced up and never, ever called dull and overlooked.

4. Kitchen Craze.

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Don’t be scared of using larger art pieces in the kitchen. You’d be surprised how amazing and refreshing it’ll look in a space that’s not used to being seen with something on the walls or artsy accents.

5. Adjacent Design.

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We’re all used to seeing the big pieces of art hanging above our beds, working not only as a focal point but as a headboard. Why not change up the usual and plaster that huge piece of beautiful art on the wall adjacent?

6. Some Leaning.

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Add some interesting texture to the wall by leaning your art and not hanging them. If you’ve got the space don’t be afraid of doing something different. It can even take place of an extra accent chair or side table.

7. Outside Accent.

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Why not jazz up the outside with something grandiose. Again, if you’ve got the space on the front or back porch and a way to keep it dry, do it! It’s definitely a fun and creative way to decorate. Just make sure the art is suited for the “great outdoors.”

8. Tipped Shelf.

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Those floating shelves aren’t just for books. Gather your favorite pieces and “hang” them like so. Again, it creates focus and texture. But, it’s also fun and imaginative! It’s playful and suited for any and every type of room, for those of all ages and themes.

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