The Different Types Of Doorknobs And How They Can Serve You

We usually only start thinking about the doorknobs, locks and the different types when our doors require new hardware and then we face the difficult task of choosing the right option only to realize there are a lot more types than we anticipated. Don’t let yourself be taken by surprise and get familiar with the different types of doorknobs and locks so you can be quick and efficient when the occasion requires you to.

Not all doorknobs are round or square

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This may come as a surprise but a doorknob doesn’t necessarily have to be an actual knob. It can also be a lever handle or a handleset. Technically, lever handles and those typical round or square doorknobs we all know form the same big category.

Lever handles

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The typical doorknobs require tight grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist to operate while lever handles are easier to grab, hence more user-friendly for those with arthritis for example. So think twice before you make a decision and take into consideration everyone living in the house as well as those who may visit you.


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There’s a large variety of designs locksets can feature but they can all pretty much be categorized into 4 types:

The passage lockset – is commonly used for closets or hallways. The knobs are not lockable and they turn freely. They don’t include a key and they’re ideal for children’s bathrooms and playrooms because they can’t accidentally lock themselves in with this type of lockset.

The privacy lockset – is used for rooms that require privacy such as the bedrooms and bathrooms. They can be locked from one side and a small hole in the knob on the other side allows you to use a small emergency key to open the door if necessary.

The keyed entrance lockset – this type is lockable from both sides. It’s suitable for both interior and exterior doors and it can be locked and unlocked using a key from the outside and a turn button from the inside.

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The dummy lock – generally used for decorative purposes, they do not turn or latch and can’t be locked. They’re usually installed on double doors that close side by side such as on cupboards and cabinets.

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And speaking of purely decorative locks and doorknobs, did you realize that you can repurpose them as towel holders for the bathroom?

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So you know the basics about doorknobs and locksets and you can choose the type that best suits your needs and your home. Make a decision based on the security function you want for your door hardware and keep in mind that all these types come in a variety of different designs so the aesthetic element is not overlooked.