Decorate Using Oversized Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? That’s what every woman asks herself, not only the witch from ‘Snow White’. Since always women, and not only them, were fascinated by their image and, by extension, by mirrors. In fact, the mirror has a larger symbolism. On one hand, the mirror can be considered the symbol of Narcis, the mythological character that felt in love with himself after seeing his reflected imaged in the water. These are the roots of narcissism, the mirror being on object of self-admiration. On the other hand, the mirror is a symbol of a person’s double. It’s considered that the image from the mirror is a overturned alterity, most likely a malefic one, due to its turned position. But loving your own self is a vanity, and vanities are malefic.

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Whether they know or not about these ancient myths, everyone has a mirror and some people even make a fetish of it. More and more people opt for large mirrors, not only for their utility, but also for their beauty. You can put a mirror anywhere, with the exception of the kitchen, but nevertheless no one stops you to do even that.


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Nowadays large mirrors are a trend and people install them in the most unconventional places. Even if they are classic shaped, Baroque ornamented or with a modern irregular shape, mirrors always turn heads, giving an elegant effect to the room.

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Oversized mirrors can be framed or simple hung, they can occupy the whole wall, or only a part of it. You can isolate a large mirror or fit it in a more complex décor, near dressing tables or lamps. Some like to fix the mirror on their ceiling, on their door or dresser, or create a room with parallel mirrors. This style creates the impression of non-reality or of an infinite maze. However, a mirror always lightens the room and gives the illusion of a larger space.{all pics from decorati}.